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Uffington, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7QJ
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Historians still debate the significance of the wonderful white horses that are to be seen galloping across the south downs of England – you’ll see them cut into the soft chalk. Were they religious sites? Fertility symbols? Hunting grounds? Or was making them just Neolithic man’s idea of passing the time on a Sunday afternoon? No one knows. But what we do know is that Britchcombe Farm is a magical place to camp, and its proximity to the White Horse must have something to do with it. The site is owned by the impressive Marcella Seymour, who teaches the uninitiated how to light the perfect campfire (yes, these are allowed here!) and is often up at the crack of dawn taking her sheep to market. When she’s not doing that, she’s busy either making cream teas or very kindly drying out campers’ wet kit in her kitchen. It has to be said, she’s nothing less than a national treasure. If you choose to visit the site on a May morning you’re more than likely to bump into a bunch of Maypole-dancing druids. Whatever our ancient cousins were up to here, you won’t find much better mystical credentials than that.

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Nice location

We've stayed at this site 2 times and had a great time. Lots of space to pitch and a good tea room as well.

Would happily go again!


nice spot but problems

Nice area. All fields on a main road but not toon busy. Farmer and wife a bit jaded as far as customer service goes. Main field is very slopey so hard to get a level pitch. Our night was ruined by rude campers playing loud music and then drunkenly shouting and chreering into the small hours. Owners don't answer phone at night so no way of complaining. So rules meaningless. Basic facilities. Won't go again because no guarantee won't have another terrible night with no sleep.

we camped on the Friday and Saturday night of the August bank holiday weekend. the site is very beautiful and the folk who run the farm are very friendly. we were having lots of fun until the family from hell turned up and proceeded to get so drunk that they were shouting and screaming and falling through their own tents and rolling down the hill. when asked to keep the noise down they became very aggressive and threatened us with violence. it completely ruined the night. so based on that experience we won't be going back to this campsite which is a shame as it is no fault of the owners.


Worth a return visit but...

This site has a tremendous amount going for it but also has some negatives which can not be ignored. The setting is inspiring with great views over the vale of the White Horse. There are several fields and the weekend we visited our field was far from full with a good range of places to pitch. The terrain was lush grass, but being on the side of the hill there were few flat pitches. Wood is brought around in the evening, but it was much later than I would have liked (about 8:30). Most people who light fires do so for the focal point and as part of the evening social. However, I wanted to get the evening meal cooked, and the kids to bed. I bought one bag of logs (mainly beech wood) and was given a handful of inch thick foot long pieces as "kindling" as well as some sheets of newspaper. Although this mix of sizes was fine for an evening warmer, it was not best for cooking. If I visit the site again I would bring a hand axe to split some of the logs and get more embers faster. the bag was sufficient for my purposes for an evening meal and for cooked breakfast in the morning. The other thing worth mentioning is the loos. There were a deck of portaloos at the bottom end of the field and they appeared to be regularly cleaned out. I made a point of taking a pack of wet wipes down to clean up before and after use. However, the kids (age 4, 7 and 9) down graded the site on account of the loos and disliked it to the extent that if I take some of them back to the site they may be put off camping again. In summary, if you are not phased by the loos this is a must and I would love to go back either on my own, or with someone a little more robust than my kids!

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Britchcombe Farm

What a site! We live locally and frequent this site at least 4 times a year. We love it so much that we drag all our different circle friends with us. I say drag, but it’s only for the first time, then they’re hooked. I think it’s the porta-loo/ showers that put them off until they go and stay. The porta loos are the cleanest I’ve ever used and the pay off is the space, open fire and freedom, not to mention of course Marcella’s enormous scones for cream tea. We even organised an afternoon tea one year to celebrate a friends birthday and what a splendid affair it was. The White Horse is a short (but steep) walk away and the views are amazing. You can see almost the whole of Oxfordshire on a clear day. Firewood can be bought for just £5 a bag which includes kindling and paper. An absolute bargain as one bag usually lasts us one evening. We love this site and will continue to use it as our second home during Spring and Summer.

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Lovely campsite spread across several fields, but on ours at least you didn't feel surrounded by all that many people even though it was packed out on a sunny August Bank Holiday weekend.

11pm noise curfew seemed to be adhered to on our family field which meant we all slept better than many other nights away.

Lovely to be able to walk straight from the campsite to pubs for meals or up onto the Ridgeway and the white horse.

Wood came round nice and early, and even more than once on our second night, we nearly bought more fearing we hadn't got enough to cook on AND sit around afterwards, but actually it was plenty.

My slight negative was the portaloos struggling a little to cope over the weekend, but not enough to put us off returning.  We never got round to having a cream tea, so we have to head back sometime.

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Brilliant spot

Enjoyed one night there recently - great location - really huge site.  All a bit spread out but I quite liked that.  parked up in the top field with stunning views.  Really peaceful.  Bit of a walk to toilets etc & showers all back at farm house - but nothing really to worry about.  Lovely welcome at reception, amazing cream tea... i mean AMAZING.  Really liked you can have camp fires.  They supply wood for a fiver & it's more than enough for a full night maybe even two.  easy access to walk up to the white horse.  Definitely recommend it.  So much space you can always find a nice quiet spot.

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Our local campsite

We live pretty close to Britchcome Farm, and this is our campsite of choice if the weather is looking good and we want to escape for a last minute night away. The campsite has certainly become more popular over the years that we've been visiting, due in part to its appearance in Cool Camping and similar guides.  We've also found it seems pricier than we remember but perhaps we've just got poorer!

The location is probably as remote as it gets in Oxfordshire - it's great for an evening walk up to the White Horse, or to one of the local pubs. Campsite facilities are basic - large fields and some portaloos - but as we only ever stay one night this doesn't really matter.  During summer weekends the site does feel pretty busy, and it can be a little noisy at nights as family groups sit out around there camp fires. 

On a couple of visits a 'Pancake House' has been open on a Saturday morning in the same place that does the cream teams during the afternoons.  I can highly recommend the pancakes (and the cream teas) but I'm not sure whether these are still available as the it wasn't open during our last visit.

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Britchcombe farm

We stayed over 3 nights mid September. There were difficulties for other members of our party travelling from various parts of the country due to sickness and car issues. I felt I explained the situation numerous times but could never quite make myself heard. I also found when initially booking that on speaking with three different people I was informed of different expectations of me for sending the deposit. Lots of different hymn sheets it seems. We arrived later than anticipated (2000) due to traffic. We had been informed that if there was there no one at the desk to call the mobile number on the notice board. Which I did. My first sentence was apologising for calling at 2000. I was disappointed with what I found to be an almost hostile and dismissive manner from the gentleman I spoke with. I informed him I had three dogs and had spoken with a lady earlier in the day that had advised me to locate a certain field so we were nearby an area that was good for letting the dogs off the lead. The gentleman I spoke with clearly didn't agree and in the end I said "look, I'm just repeating what I was told, I've never been here before". Having clearly offended me there was no apology and he informed us to pitch up on a different field. My second encounter on the phone at the end of our stay was to inform him where we were leaving some money (payment from delayed arrivals) as there was no one manning reception. Again I felt I was met with a standoffish manner. He also made a point of saying "we assumed some of your party hadn't arrived" and made us feel that we had been an inconvenience. On my attempts to inform them of various members of the party's situation the reception was closed each time. 

Positives: campsite is as advertised, very rural, stones throw from the white horse figure. Portaloos in the fields, generally acceptable, didn't smell but was very quiet and not too hot. Could have done with a clean, didn't see this once. Showers were very warm. Glad it was quiet as would have had issues accessing them. Again not the cleanest but workable. 

We found that although dogs are welcome it was insisted upon that dogs were kept on the lead at all times. I understand the rationale for this. But it was frustrating for us and our dogs.

Was lovely to be allowed an open fire. 

Undecided if we would revisit. 

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Great Weekend Had

Spent a weekend here this July (2014) and thoroughly enjoyed the place. There are several fields available, and we stayed in one that's a mini valley, so good views and sheltered from the winds. There is another field higher than this with exceptional views over the Ridgeway and Oxfordshire plains, but you will get the wind! At then end of the day it is just a field, but the grass is short and there was no rubbish anywhere, and plenty of space for the kids to run around free. There are existing fire pits, so campfires are a must and owner comes around early evening selling wood. The six portaloos in this field were very clean, with a water supply adjacent. Shower block and sink, bins etc a short walk away in the farm. Only down side is that the majority of the this field is sloping, so bring a bit of wood just to make tables/beds etc flat!

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A group of us visited this campsite at the end of June as we were attracted by the location and space.  There are five large fields on either side of the B4507 each with a couple of portaloos.  You can set up wherever you like on any of the fields which is great and all of them seem to have beautiful views and surroundings.

Despite there being a severe weather warning for heavy rain, floods and high winds the campsite was still fairly busy (we estimated there were at least 40 tents on our field alone).  The facilities are completely inadequate for the size of the campsite, 3 toilets (not very clean) and 5 showers!  I queued for 20 minutes for a stone cold shower.

If you are camping in a caravan with a toilet and shower then I'm sure this campsite would be fine for you, however if like us you are in a tent and need a hot shower in the morning then I would go somewhere else!

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Try to get the top field

Lovely farm site. Fires allowed which is now pretty essential. We spent one night in the lower field then moved to the top field, high up with great views.

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Britchcombe Farm

We booked the static caravan here (they only have one) for my sister visiting the UK from Canada in August 2012, we only live 3 miles up the road but thought this would be good as I was expecting a baby any day so she was close by when the time came. Sadly the static caravan should be in a museum as it is the oldest shabbiest thing I have ever seen. The decor is about 30-40 years old, it was damp and smelly and located at the back of the yard on the farm surrounded in bits of farm machinery, tubs of fertiliser and chemicals and generally not somewhere safe for children to be. The caravan was surrounded by a concrete plinth which was very subsided and uneven, and again just really unpleasant, moss covered, yuk. It had no other space around it other than 2 parking spaces so nowhere nice to sit and no view  other than the ramshackle yard. Please don't book this, you will be so disappointed, get a tent and camp instead- but just be aware that they only have portaloos in the camping fields and it is very basic here too. All in all could be amazing but its just in the wrong hands! 

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Britchcombe Farm

I’ve been a few times over the years. We live locally in Oxford and the kids love going - they think its miles away. Being able to have a campfire is really great. The location is superb although the pitches themselves are nothing to write home about in my view - you’re just in a field. No caravans as far as I know which is another plus. Can be noisy if you care about that sort of thing. Would not however hesitate to recommend esp. for a short stay. We’ll be back.

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Britchcombe Farm

We visited this campsite in June 2010 and had a great time. The openess of the fields gives you that outdoor feeling and you don’t feel pegged in (excuse the pun)! With plenty of room to choose your pitch you can easily have a group of campers and not feel you have to keep quiet. Our daughter had a great time running around the field and loved looking at the animals. All in all a great weekend away, lovely views, camp fires and pub lunches.

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Britchcombe Farm consists of five large camping fields around a central farmhouse which serves as reception and provides 4 showers, 4 toilets and 3 sinks. Each field has its own tap and a row of portaloos, which are fine at the beginning of the weekend but pretty disgusting by Sunday. The water pressure on the site was very low when the fields were full, and people mentioned cold showers, although this wasn't a problem for  us as we tend to beat the queues by showering mid-afternoon. I felt the place lacked charm, and the huge fields seem to attract big groups of families; our experience was that these groups were fairly disrespectful of the no noise after 11pm rule. Once the groups had finally turned in, there was a lot of noise from dogs and traffic. I didn't hate it, and the setting was fabulous, but it's not a site I would return to.

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We have visited Britchcombe Farm many times, usually with a crowd of adults and kids. It's got clean showers (Top Tip - when you get to the shower area, use the proper showers on the left, not the 'portaloo-style' ones on the right, so much more homely and always clean). and not-too-bad portaloos. It can be very windy onsite but only on windy days! We return again and again and love it a little bit more every time! Marcella is fantastic and provides a great campsite for only £7/£3.50 per night. Don't tell everyone!

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Nearby Campsites

Cool Factor

Fantastic views across Wiltshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire beneath the ancient chalk hill of the Ridgeway; lighting a fire is an added bonus.

On Site

Five camping fields of about 20 acres dotted on either side of the road, with 2 family fields. There are a few hook-ups in the caravan field. The 5 showers, 3 toilets and washing-up sinks are beside the farmhouse, but each field has its own portaloo. Although there are no clothes-washing facilities, Marcella has been known to dry out wet kit in her kitchen. There’s also a tipi that sleeps 4 people. It has a double mattress and 2 singles, plus blankets, sheepskins and cooking equipment. Bring your own bedding. Fires are allowed onsite, and Marcella delivers logs and paper (£5) at dusk.

Nanny State

Watch the road between the farm and the family fields; it’s small but cars can speed along it.

Off Site

White Horse Hill is just above the site, and the Ridgeway is riddled with hill forts and long barrows. Nearby is Dragon Hill, where St George is supposed to have slain his dragon, and a half-hour walk away is Wayland’s Smithy, an impressively spooky Neolithic burial chamber. The little museum of Tom Brown’s School (01367 820259) in the village is open Saturday afternoons, and at other times for groups. The dreaming spires of Oxford are only 45 minutes away; the Pitt Rivers Museum (01865 270927) has totem poles, voodoo dolls and famously grizzly shrunken heads. Back near the site, Farmer Gow’s (01793 780555) is popular with younger children. In spring you can feed farm animals, including lambs and piglets.

If it rains

There’s a swimming pool in Wantage (01235 760884), and a bigger one in Swindon (01793 445401) with slides and wave machine. Didcot Railway Centre (01235 817200) has old engines. Bourton-on-the-Water has a model village, Birdland (01451 820480) and a maze.

Food & Drink

Marcella does cream teas on Sundays, spring–Oct. The White Horse at Woolstone (01367 820726) does very good food. If you find yourself hooked on ley lines and other mystical magic, try the Barge Inn at Alton Barnes. The standing stones at Avebury and Silbury Hill are very close, and the pub is a mine of knowledge on crop circles. If you’re in Oxford go to the fish stall in the covered market, with live lobsters and crabs in tanks, and sometimes a dead shark on display, too.

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All year.

The Damage

£7 adult, children 5–14 years £3.50; tipi hire £60 per night, plus the tent camping fee for each occupant (for tipi hire only call 07974 438566).

Getting There

Come through Wantage on the B4507, following a signpost for ‘Wayland’s Smithy’. Stay on that road for nearly 6 miles and the farm is the first on the left-hand side on a bend.

Public Transport

Not really recommended, but you can take a train to Oxford or Didcot Parkway. Regular buses from both stations to Wantage, where you can take a taxi to the site or a bus to Uffington and the site is a mile’s walk from there.


Campervans permitted  Campfires permitted  Caravans permitted  Dogs welcome  Electrical hook-ups  Electricity hook-ups  Glamping & luxury camping available  Good for kids  Good walks  Nice views  Open all year  Remote location  Showers  Tent pitches  Tipis  Yurts & Gers 
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